How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is different so there is not a ‘one size fits all’ answer to this question, unfortunately! Whilst some things, such as phobias, can often be dealt with quickly, other problems can be more complex and will need more time to work through. My approach is always to be guided by you and to work at a pace you are comfortable with. We will often get an indication of how many sessions may be required after the initial session, however, this can obviously change once we begin the therapeutic process. 

What can EFT be used for?

The fantastic thing about EFT is that you can try it on anything and it is a great and gentle technique that can help provide relief for many different things. I have worked with clients on a whole host of issues, such as anxiety, panic attacks, fear of public speaking, body image, stress, overwhelm, grief, anger, sleep problems, phobias, food cravings, physical pain – the list really is endless.   

EFT is viewed as a complementary process, however, and should not replace seeking medical/psychological advice where needed. 

Why do we have to focus on the negative? Surely it's better to just focus on the positive?

It can often be quite an odd experience when you are asked in an EFT session to focus on negative emotions, memories or life events that may be troubling you. Most of us will always try to ‘look on the bright side’ of a given situation, without allowing ourselves to fully process and release the intensity around a negative emotion/memory etc.

The trouble with this is that we can never fully embrace the positive affirmations we may be repeating on a daily basis, as we have not allowed ourselves to fully heal. We are merely adding to an ever increasing pile of unprocessed emotional experiences.

By focussing on the negative, we give ourselves the opportunity to properly process and release these emotional experiences, naturally making way for the positive.

Do I have to believe in it for it to work?

No, that is one of the wonderful benefits of EFT – it will work whether you believe in it, or if you think it a bit woo woo! It is important there is a willingness to try and once people begin to have positive shifts, their belief in the EFT process naturally increases.

Do I have to relive painful memories for EFT to be effective?

No, definitely not! As noted above, my sessions are always client-centred. I will follow your lead if there is something that you find too painful, or perhaps embarrassing, to discuss and use particular EFT techniques to resolve issues without you having to voice the details of a specific problem, or memory.