EFT is a gentle technique that combines acupressure and traditional talking therapies. We tap on 9 acupressure points on the face and body, whilst focusing on an emotion that has been troubling you, such as fear, overwhelm, anger or a bad memory or a worry about a future event. 

By tapping on these points, we send a calming signal to the amygdala in the brain, which is the part of the brain responsible for the fight or flight response.

This calms the stress response associated with that emotion, memory or worry and restores emotional regulation, allowing you to feel relaxed and in control.

My sessions are tailored to reveal and release any limiting beliefs or patterns that are stopping you from achieving your full potential and living the life you want. 

If you’re struggling with an emotional challenge and you’re looking for support to make your way through, click the button below to read more about working with me, your Surrey EFT Practitioner. 

What can I tap on?

One of the amazing things about tapping is that it can help resolve a variety of issuesincluding:

Anxiety                                                   Guilt and shame

Addictions                                             Insomnia

Anger and rage                                     Loneliness

Depressions                                          Panic

Fears and Phobias                               Physical pain

Grief and loss                                       Relationship problems 

But a well-known saying within the tapping world is “try it on everything”, because it’s simple, safe and literally at your fingertips!


Where are the tapping points?

To Locate the Tapping Points:

Eyebrow Point (EB): where the eyebrow begins, on the side near the nose.

Side of Eye (SE): on the bone at the side of the eye (not the temple).

Under Eye (UE): on the bone under the eye, in line with your pupil.

Under Nose (UN): the area between the nose and upper lip, in the small dip.

Chin Point (C): the area in the crease, below your mouth and just above the chin.

Collarbone Points (CB): starting on the collarbone notch, go down 1 inch and out 1 inch you will find a small indent.

Under Arm (UA): on the side of the body, one hands width below the armpit.

Top of Head (TH): directly on the top of the head.